JOIDES Resolution ODP/IODP Timeline

    This timeline is made of most of the scientific expeditions of the D/V JOIDES Resolution for the Ocean Drilling Program (ODP), the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP) and its following incarnations. The expeditions are sorted chronologically from left to right and from top to bottom. Move over an expedition to display its title.
    Each expedition is illustrated by the progress of its operations, measured by depth, over time: the advancement of drilling and coring in each hole, the core recovery, and the logging operations when they were conducted. The planisphere in the background of each expedition is centered on the location of its drilling.

    When selecting one expedition, you will access a more complete display of these operations, with a detailed bathymetric map and links to all the data from the expedition:
    - direct links to pictures taken of each core
    - links to coring and logging data available for each hole
    - a visual summary of all the intervals where logging data were recorded and of the type of data available
    - a direct link to displays of the main logs that were recorded in each hole 

    A larger and complete view of this timeline is available in pdf