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IODP Expedition 338 - Hole C0012H

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Download 22 KB Documents -- HTML
Download306 KBStandard DataProcessedASCII
Download1.3 MBHigh Resolution DataProcessedASCII
Download6.0 MBRAB Images - Full Interval - Static NormalizationProcessedGIF
Download12 MBRAB Images - Full Interval - Dynamic NormalizationProcessedGIF
Download17 MBRAB Images - 100 Meter Intervals - Static NormalizationProcessedGIF
Download34 MBRAB Images - 100 Meter Intervals - Dynamic NormalizationProcessedGIF
Download1.4 MBOther LWD Images - Full IntervalProcessedGIF
Download9.9 MBSonic Waveform DataOriginalBinary
Download1.6 MBSonic Waveform ImagesOriginalGIF
Download14 MBField Log PlotsOriginalPDF
Download83 MBDLIS Processed DataProcessedDLIS
Download77 MBDLIS Original DataOriginalDLIS

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