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IODP Expedition 318 - Hole U1359D

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Download 28 KB Documents -- HTML
Download2.1 MBStandard DataProcessedASCII
Download421 KBHigh Resolution DataProcessedASCII
Download3.3 KBDepth Match DataProcessedASCII
Download6.0 MBFMS Images - Full Interval - Static NormalizationProcessedGIF
Download6.4 MBFMS Images - Full Interval - Dynamic NormalizationProcessedGIF
Download41 MBFMS Images - 50 Meter Intervals - Static NormalizationProcessedGIF
Download44 MBFMS Images - 50 Meter Intervals - Dynamic NormalizationProcessedGIF
Download1.9 MBFMS Average ConductivityProcessedASCII
Download143 MBSonic Waveform DataOriginalBinary
Download63 MBSonic Waveform ImagesOriginalGIF
Download976 BVSP ASCII DataProcessedASCII
Download570 KBVSP SEGY DataProcessedSEGY
Download1.0 MBVSP LDF DataOriginalLDF
Download639 MBLog PlotsProcessedPDF
Download16 MBField Log PlotsOriginalPDF
Download172 MBDLIS Processed DataProcessedDLIS
Download322 MBDLIS Original DataOriginalDLIS

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