DLIS Original Data file index
IODP Expedition 318 - Hole U1359D

The files below can only be opened with software that can read Digital Log Interchange Standard (DLIS) format, the industry standard for logging data. They are the original data recorded in the field, without any processing or quality control.

List of IODP-USIO acronyms
DLIS file summary table for IODP Expedition 318

DLIS Original Data files:
318-U1359D_FMS_DSI_NGS_015LDP.DLIS  (130 MB)
318-U1359D_FMS_DSI_NGS_016LUP.DLIS  (135 MB)
318-U1359D_FMS_DSI_NGS_017LUP.DLIS  (134 MB)
318-U1359D_FMS_DSI_NGS_019LUP.DLIS  (166 MB)
318-U1359D_PI_LDL_APS_NGS_009LDP.DLIS  (74 MB)
318-U1359D_PI_LDL_APS_NGS_010LUP.DLIS  (77 MB)
318-U1359D_VSIT_025LDP.DLIS  (683 KB)
318-U1359D_VSIT_026LUP.DLIS  (113 KB)
318-U1359D_VSIT_027LDP.DLIS  (342 KB)

Follow the link to any individual file to access it directly, or return to the hole data summary and select the appropriate link to download all the files as a compressed archive (full archive size = 322 MB).