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IODP Expedition 368 - Hole U1502B

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Data Type
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Download 24 KB Documents -- HTML
Download 635 KB Standard Data Processed ASCII
Download 453 KB High Resolution Data Processed ASCII
Download 1.6 KB Depth Match Data Processed ASCII
Download 60 MB Sonic Waveform Data Original Binary
Download 12 MB Sonic Waveform Images Original GIF
Download 1.7 KB VSP ASCII Data Processed ASCII
Download 2.0 MB VSP SEGY Data Processed SEGY
Download 4.1 MB VSP LDF Data Original LDF
Download 70 KB Log Plots Processed PDF
Download 4.8 MB Field Log Plots Original PDF
Download 3.4 MB DLIS Processed Data Processed DLIS
Download 299 MB DLIS Original Data Original DLIS

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