NGHP Expedition 1




A) Resistivity at the Bit (geoVISION:(0.0305 and 0.1524 m Sampling Rate)

BDAV      Deep Resistivity Average (ohmm)

BMAV     Medium Resistivity Average (ohmm)

BSAV       Shallow Resistivity Average (ohmm)

RBIT         Bit Resistivity (ohmm)

RING        Ring Resistivity (ohmm)


B) Array Resistivity Compensated (EcoScope)

P16B Phase Shift Resistivity Blended, 16 in. (ohmm)

P22B Phase Shift Resistivity Blended, 22 in. (ohmm)

P28B Phase Shift Resistivity Blended, 28 in. (ohmm)

P34B Phase Shift Resistivity Blended, 34 in. (ohmm)

P40B Phase Shift Resistivity Blended, 40 in. (ohmm)

P16H Phase Shift Resistivity, 2 MHz, 16 in (ohmm)

P22H Phase Shift Resistivity, 2 MHz, 22 in (ohmm)

P28H Phase Shift Resistivity, 2 MHz, 28 in (ohmm)

P34H Phase Shift Resistivity, 2 MHz, 34 in (ohmm)

P40H Phase Shift Resistivity, 2 MHz, 40 in (ohmm)

P16L Phase Shift Resistivity, 400 KHz, 16 in (ohmm)

P22L Phase Shift Resistivity, 400 KHz, 22 in (ohmm)

P28L Phase Shift Resistivity, 400 KHz, 28 in (ohmm)

P34L Phase Shift Resistivity, 400 KHz, 34 in (ohmm)

P40L Phase Shift Resistivity, 400 KHz, 40 in (ohmm)


A16B Attenuation Resistivity Blended, 16 in. (ohmm)

A22B Attenuation Resistivity Blended, 22 in. (ohmm)

A28B Attenuation Resistivity Blended, 28 in. (ohmm)

A34B Attenuation Resistivity Blended, 34 in. (ohmm)

A40B Attenuation Resistivity Blended, 40 in. (ohmm)

A16H Attenuation Resistivity, 2 MHz, 16 in. (ohmm)

A22H Attenuation Resistivity, 2 MHz, 22 in. (ohmm)

A28H Attenuation Resistivity, 2 MHz, 28 in. (ohmm)

A34H Attenuation Resistivity, 2 MHz, 34 in. (ohmm)

A40H Attenuation Resistivity, 2 MHz, 40 in. (ohmm)

A16L Attenuation Resistivity, 400 KHz, 16 in. (ohmm)

A22L Attenuation Resistivity, 400 KHz, 22 in. (ohmm)

A28L Attenuation Resistivity, 400 KHz, 28 in. (ohmm)

A34L Attenuation Resistivity, 400 KHz, 34 in. (ohmm)

A40L Attenuation Resistivity, 400 KHz, 40 in. (ohmm)



DTBC       Compressional Slowness, Borehole Compensated (microsec/ft)

DTCC       Delta-t, Collar Compensated (microsec/ft)

DTRP       Delta-t, Receiver Array (microsec/ft)

DTTP        Delta-t, Transmitter Array (microsec/ft)

VELP        Compressional Velocity (km/s)




DRHO      Density Correction (g/cm3)

IDRO        Image Derived Density (g/cm3)

IDDR       Image Derived Density Correction g/cm3)

IDPE         Image Derived Photoelectric Effect (barns/e-)

PEF            Photoelectric Effect (barns/e-)

RHOB      Bulk Density (g/cm3)




TNPH       Thermal Neutron Porosity (%)

BPHI         Best Thermal Neutron Porosity, Average (%)



A) Resistivity-at-the-Bit geoVISION)

GR              Gamma Ray (API Units)


B) Ecoscope (EcoScope)

GRMA     Gamma Ray Averaged (gAPI units)




DWAL_WALK2     Dry Weight Fraction Pseudo Aluminum (Walk2 Mode)

DWCA_WALK2     Dry Weight Fraction Calcium (Walk2 Mode)

DWFE_WALK2      Dry Weight Fraction Iron (Walk2 Mode)

DWGD_WALK2     Dry Weight Fraction Gadolinium (Walk2 Mode)

DWSI_WALK2        Dry Weight Fraction Silicon (Walk2 Mode)

DWSU_WALK2      Dry Weight Fraction Sulfur (Walk2 Mode)

DWTI_WALK2        Dry Weight Fraction Titanium (Walk2 Mode)


CALIPER (EcoScope)

DCAV      Differential Caliper, Averaged (in)

UCAL      Ultrasonic Caliper, Averaged (in)


BFV           Bound Fluid Volume (%)

FFV            Free Fluid Volume (%)

MRP          Magnetic Resonance Porosity (%)

T2                T2 Distribution (%)

T2LM       T2 Logarithmic Mean (ms)




DHAP      Downhole Annulus Pressure (psi)

DHAT      Downhole Annulus Temperature (degC)



A) EcoScope

ARTM                Resistivity Time After Bit (s)

CRPM                Collar Rotational Speed (rpm)

TAB_DEN      Density Time after Bit (s)

TAB_NEU      Neutron Time after Bit (s)



B1TM                  Shallow Resistivity Time after Bit (s)

B2TM                  Medium Resistivity Time after Bit (s)

B3TM                  Deep Resistivity Time after Bit (s)

GRTK                 Gamma Ray Time after Bit (s)

RBTM                 Bit Resistivity Time After Bit (s)

ROP5_RM       Rate of Penetration, average over last 5 ft (m/hr)

RPM                     Tool Rotational Speed (rpm)

RTIM                   Ring Resistivity Time after Bit (s)