Wireline Standard Data Processing


ODP logging contractor: LDEO-BRG

Hole: 860B


Location: Chile Triple Junction (SE Pacific Ocean)

Latitude: 45° 51.972' S

Longitude: 75° 45.101' W

Logging date: December, 1991

Bottom felt: 2157.1 mbrf (used for depth shift to sea floor)

Total penetration: 617.8 mbsf

Total core recovered: 225.8 m (36.6 %)


Logging Runs


Logging string 1: DIT/SDT/NGT


There is no mention, in the site report, of use of wireline heave compensator to counter ship heave.


Bottom-hole Assembly



Logs at hole 860B were recorded openhole.





Depth shift: No differential depth shift necessary as only one run was recorded. All logs have been depth shifted to the sea floor (-2157 m).


Gamma-ray processing: NGT data have been processed to correct for borehole size and type of drilling fluid (high viscosity mud without barite).


Acoustic data processing: The array sonic tool was operated in standard depth-derived borehole compensated mode, including long-spacing (8-10-10-12') logs. The data is of good quality and does not require any processing.


Quality Control


During the processing, quality control of the data is mainly performed by cross-correlation of all logging data. The data at hole 860B is of good quality.


Hole diameter was recorded by the mechanical caliper device (MCD).


Additional information about the logs can be found in the "Explanatory Notes" and Site Chapter, ODP IR volume 141. For further questions about the logs, please contact:


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