Standard Data file index
ODP Leg 171A - Hole 1048A

The files below are the final results of the LogDB processing described in the standard processing notes. The data are in tab-delimited ASCII (text) format and can be opened in any text editor or spreadsheet software. Alternatively, click on csv to download them as comma-separated values (.csv).

List of the file names: Standard Data file dictionary
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Standard Data files:
Differential Caliper - Compensated Density-Neutron Tool  (34 KB)

Density - Compensated Density-Neutron Tool  (67 KB)

Gamma Ray - Compensated Dual Resistivity Tool  (37 KB)

Miscellaneous Measurements - LWD data  (103 KB)

Gamma Ray Spetrometry - Compensated Dual Resistivity Tool  (190 KB)

Porosity - Compensated Density-Neutron Tool  (195 KB)

Resistivity Compensated Dual Resistivity Tool  (49 KB)

Follow the link to any individual file to access it directly, or return to the hole data summary and select the appropriate link to download all the files as a compressed archive (full archive size = 249 KB).