Create a figure of logging data from DSDP Leg 66 - Hole 493
(re)display instructions
open a dictionary of the file names/passes
Title of figure:   
temperature file name / pass min. median max. min. for figure max. for figure track #
10 °C 11 °C 17 °C °C °C
N.B. this is the borehole temperature, not representative of the formation temperature except for reentries a long time after coring/circulating
Plot specifications
Depth limitsDimensions of figure
top depth (mbsf) bottom depth (mbsf) height (in.) width (in.)
set track width instead of plot width
ticks spacing (m) labels spacing (m) labels font size tick length, as fraction of track
Additional options
lines thickness: smoothing window: core recovery data: one header per track:
Name of pdf file (no spaces): .pdf
wait for the figure to open in the right frame - it can take some time, don't click again before completion
access the data from hole 493 in a separate window
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report any bugs/suggestions/questions to gilles guerin
figure generated using GMT (the Generic Mapping Tools) and ImageMagick