Field Log Plots file index
IODP Expedition 352 - Hole U1442A

The pdf plots listed below were generated by the field engineer at the time of acquisition, before any processing or quality control.

List of the file names: Field Log Plots file dictionary
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Field Log Plots files:
Dipole Sonic Imager - Lower Dipole  (1.1 MB)
Dipole Sonic Imager - Monopole  (1.0 MB)
Dipole Sonic Imager - Stoneley  (792 KB)
Dipole Sonic Imager - Upper Dipole  (810 KB)
Formation MicroScanner  (4.0 MB)
Hostile Environment Gamma Ray Sonde  (593 KB)
Magnetic Susceptibility Sonde  (363 KB)
Triple Combo  (648 KB)

Follow the link to any individual file to access it directly, or return to the hole data summary and select the appropriate link to download all the files as a compressed archive (full archive size = 8.6 MB).