SlimXtreme Array Induction Imager Tool (QAIT*)


The Array Induction Imager tool accurately measures the borehole formation conductivity in open holes as a function of both depth and distance from the borehole; the SlimXtreme version (QAIT) was designed to work in slim holes under severe environmental conditions. Wireline array induction tools employ an array induction coil that operates at multiple frequencies. Software focusing of the received signals generates a series of resistivity logs with different depth of investigation.  Thanks to the large number of measurements performed, it is possible to obtain quantitative two-dimensional  (2D) imaging of the formation resistivity.

Measurement of the conductivity as a function of both depth and distance from the borehole greatly improves induction logging by increasing the depth of investigation of the measured signal as well as bringing the vertical resolution from 4 to 2 ft (1 ft in smooth boreholes).

Tool Specifications 

Temperature rating: 500° F (260° C)
Pressure rating: 30 kpsi (207  MPa)
Diameter: 3 in (7.62 cm)
Length: 30.8 ft (9.39 m)
Weight: 499 lbs (226 kg)
Sampling interval: 6 in (15.15 cm)
Maximum logging speed: 3,600 ft/hr (1,097 m/hr)

Measurement Specifications 

Measurement range: 0.1-2,000 ohm-m
Accuracy: Approximately 2%
Vertical resolution: 1,2 and 4 ft (30, 60 and 120 cm)
Depth of investigation: 10,20,30,60, 90 in (25.4, 50.8, 76.2, 152.4, 228.6 cm)  

Deployment Notes

The QAIT can be deployed with any tool string.

* ®trademark of Schlumberger