Division of Marine and Large Programs

Division Constituents



The U.S. Science Support Program (USSSP) facilitates involvement of the U.S. scientific community in the International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP), an international program of basic research in marine geosciences that explores the Earth’s history and environment.


Office of Marine Operations

The Office of Marine Operations (OMO) operates the research vessel Marcus G. Langseth that serves as the national seismic research facility for the United States academic research community.



STEMSEAS aims to provide ship-based, 6-10 day exploratory experiences for undergraduates from diverse backgrounds aboard NSF-funded research vessels.


IODP Log Processing and Database

Processing log data collected by the International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP) and operation of LogDB, an archival database of logging data collected by various scientific programs.

Division Director

Dr. David Goldberg


Division Business Manager

Lori McCaleb