Biogeochemical Monitoring of a CO2 Leak

David S. Goldberg, Jurg M. Matter, Taro Takahashi, Martin Stute, Gregory O’Mullan, Qiang Yang, M. Elias Dueker and Natalia V. Zakharova

The project investigates a shallow potable water aquifer system in sand/clay sequences of the Newark Basin group using laboratory and in situ experimental methods. The primary goal is to understand the fundamental biogeochemical processes caused by CO2 enrichment of aquifer water. The methodologies developed in this work will also be directly transferable to other sites affected by increased CO2 levels induced from CO2sequestration in subterranean rock formations.


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Select Publications:

Assayag, N., Matter, J., Ader, M., Goldberg, D., and Agrinier, P. (2009), Water–rock interactions during a CO2 injection field-test: Implications on host rock dissolution and alteration effects, Chemical geology 265(1), 227-235.

Matter, J. M., T. Takahashi, and D. S. Goldberg (2007), Experimental evaluation of in situ CO2-water-rock reactions during CO2 injection in basaltic rocks: Implications for geological CO2 sequestration, Geochem. Geophys. Geosyst. 8(2).