All ABOARD GEO Project

Welcome to Alliance-Building Offshore to Achieve Resilience and Diversity (All-ABOARD)


All-ABOARD is a new NSF project that seeks to build on the power of off-shore experiences and successful professional development models to provide inter-generational teams of geoscience leaders with the tools they need to advance the goals of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) on their home campuses.


This project operates under the hypothesis that investing focused effort on intergenerational teams in the unique context of a ship/shore workshop with sustained support will lead to a crucible in which potential DEI leaders are recruited and retained, their leadership qualities nurtured, empowered and made resilient, institutional barriers are identified and addressed, and collective impact is maximized.


A project team consists of 4 members, distributed among different career levels within the institution (e.g., a graduate student, a post-doc, a tenured faculty member and a department chair or dean). The project consists of 4 components:

  • a series of interactive team webinars in Spring 2021
  • an intensive and unique 6-7 day professional development workshop, half of which will take place on board a research vessel operated by the U.S. Academic Fleet
  • follow-up work to implement DEI projects developed prior to and during the workshop, including campus visits to all team institutions
  • on-going support through webinars and individual consultations


We thank all of our applicants for 2021 and are pleased and excited to announce our 2021 ALL-ABOARD teams:

An article about this project appeared in the Columbia Climate School blog on May 6, 2021!

We just published a paper in Oceanography Magazine (December 2023).


Our model:



A one-page information sheet is available here. The application deadline for 2021 has passed. A webinar for potential applicants was held January 15. The slides from the webinar are available for viewing here. Contact us with any questions (


If accepted into All-ABOARD, travel expenses to the professional development workshop and all campus visits will be covered by the program. Individual institutional project costs are expected to come from that institution.


Project Personnel

Sharon Katz Cooper, Project PI (LDEO);

Benjamin Keisling, Project Co-PI (LDEO):

Raquel Bryant, Project Co-PI (TAMU):

Brian Chad Starks, Assessment Leader, BCS & Associates:

Project Advisors

Lisa White, University of California Museum of Paleontology

Jonathan Lewis, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Kuheli Dutt, LDEO


This work is supported by NSF Grant #2035093.