01 Mar Halliburton Tools

The following Halliburton Logging-While-Drilling tools were used during IODP-CDEX Expedition 348: AFR Azimuthal Focused Resistivity AGR Azimuthal Gamma Ray DGR Dual Gamma Ray EWR-P4 Electromagnetic Wave Resistivity Tool-Phase 4 EWR-M5 Electromagnetic Integrated Resistivity-5 Spacings PWD Pressure-While-Drilling¬†Service XBAT Azimuthal Sonic and Ultrasonic LWD Service   For a detailed description of these tools refer to the¬†Halliburton website....

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11 Jun Ultrasonic Borehole Imager (UBI*)

Description The Ultrasonic Borehole Imager features a high-resolution transducer that provides acoustic images of the borehole. Critical borehole stability and breakout information can be derived from the accurate borehole cross section measured by the tool. The high-resolution image from the transducer is also ideal for measuring...

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